Develop your own participant experiences, integrate RKStudio with your application, or embed surveys into your own applications or website with the RKStudio APIs, apps, and SDKs.

Custom Experiences

RKStudio provides several different kinds of custom experiences.

  • Web View steps can be used to present customized selections, instructional text, embedded videos, feedback forms, and any other step that isn’t covered by the built-in RKStudio step types.

  • MyDataHelps Applications allow you to embed your own application or website into the participant experience. These applications can range from static web pages to dynamic applications which can launch surveys or display participant results.

  • MyDataHelps Embeddables present a RKStudio survey inside your own application, allowing you to collect information on your participants without requiring them to download MyDataHelps.


Interfaces allow you to leverage your project’s data to develop custom experiences, or to automate common tasks.

  • The RKStudio REST Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to access your project’s data from server-side apps outside of RKStudio and MyDataHelps.

  • The MyDataHelps Javascript SDK allows you to develop highly rich and interactive experiences within Web View steps, apps, and embeddables.

  • The MyDataHelps iOS SDK allows you to develop custom participant experiences on Apple iOS devices.

  • If you wish to provide a custom web portal or app for your participants, you can leverage their existing MyDataHelps account through single sign-on rather than designing your own separate authentication service.