Creating Applications

MyDataHelps Applications allow you to embed your own application or website into the participant experience. These applications can range from static web pages to dynamic applications which can launch surveys or display participant results.

Applications can be embedded as one of the tabs inside MyDataHelps. You can also navigate to different applications from inside your application, allowing the creation of highly sophisticated projects.

MyDataHelps applications are web-based, and leverage embedded browsers on iOS and Android (or iframes on web). You may host them on your own domain or website. If you require simple static hosting, CareEvolution may be able to provide this.

Getting Started

If you are interested in developing an application, please contact CareEvolution support and provide:

  • A description of the application.
  • The project(s) you wish to configure.
  • The urls of the applications.
  • The desired titles, icons, and ordering of the tabs in your project(s).

Review Process

Applications must undergo a review process prior to being incorporated into your project. As you develop your application, ensure it meets all the requirements.