API Quickstart Apps

The API Quickstart apps provide sample code for obtaining an access token and making a simple query to the API. You can use the apps for reference, or modify them to test out your own API requests in a development environment.


Before you begin, you will need three things:

  • Your RKStudio service account name, like “RKStudio.1234.test.” You can find this under Settings -> Service Accounts.
  • Your RKStudio project ID, which is a long alphanumeric code. Contact RKStudio support to obtain your project ID.
  • The private key you associated with your service account.

Quickstart Apps

Quickstart apps are available in the following languages:

Using Other Tools

Postman and similar REST API test tools can also help you develop and test your own API requests.

However, most of these tools do not readily support the private key authentication needed by the API. To get around this, you can use one of the quickstart apps to obtain a temporary access token. It will only be good for a few minutes, and you will need to manually include it in your content headers.